Monday, April 23, 2012

Making this moment count.

I just got home, I have buckets of shit to do, and no motivation.

I feel exhausted and all I want to do is watch a movie and/or take a nap. What a fuckin loser.

In other news. I'm tattoo OBSESSED. All of my previous admonishments about why I didn't want very many tattoos on my person have been out the window for weeks. I want another one so bad I can think of less else. I really want one on my side. I know it will hurt, so I'm thinking small. I love this one and would love it there.

I'm limited as to where to put them. I want to be able to see it myself (as I learned with the tattoo that i love more than just about anything in the world being on my back where I never see it and its so small I can't really even see it in the mirror) but I also want it to be hid while I am fully clothed.

Please God, don't let my person be a tattoo hater.

Also, I'm lonely. I'd try to get one of those boyfriend thingies but I don't have time. Meh

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  1. Yay! Just seeing this makes me happy :) Looking forward to reading lots more great stuff from you ;)